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Our employees has donated over USD 60,000 in scholarships to local high school students since 2007.

Sinon Orchids and its employees have a long-standing tradition of bringing their resources and talents to teach the next generation of growers since our founding in 2000. Our employees are instilled with a passion to get involved in their communities and each of our locations promotes social responsibility by participating in community outreach programs.

Every year, students from affiliated agricultural high school programs are brought to our facilities to learn about modern agriculture. We have a large classroom used solely to teach students about orchid cultivation. Whenever possible, we invite professionals from diverse fields such as international marketing and IT to help our students prepare for a modern world. In addition to onsite instructions, we also arrange for field trips to other companies and governmental institutions.

In addition to onsite and offsite classroom instructions, Sinon Orchids also provide scholarships to qualified agricultural high school students. In 2015, our employees donated USD 1,250 of scholarships to high school students.

Our level of community participation far exceeds other companies many times our size. This is because we believe in re-investing in the next generation of orchid growers to ensure a robust orchid industry in Taiwan.


Meet Mrs. Jiang

She is one of our many volunteers who teaches our basic orchid cultivation class. She is also our coordinator with the surrounding high schools helping with course content. Mrs. Jiang believes she has the best job in the world because it lets her work with orchids and children. Her passion on the subject is clearly visible twice a week during the school year, when Sinon Orchids arranged for her to teach visiting students in the morning.


  • Classroom facility: 80 m2
  • Total amount of scholarships given in 2015: USD 1,250
  • Number of classes taught in 2015: 40
  • Number of students served in 2015: 524 students