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People working together as a lean, international team to produce the finest orchids for the local and export market

Sinon Orchids has been growing orchids in Taiwan and delivering them around the world since 2000. We have four modern facilities located in Puli (2), Meishan (1) and Taichung (1). Our greenhouses are equipped with the latest technologies staffed by talented people to produce the finest flowers for you. Our goal is to provide both a quality product and an excellent experience for our customers.

Sinon Orchids is an important part of Sinon Corporation, one of Taiwan’s leading companies with more than 3,300 employees around the world dedicated to providing solutions to the agriculture, food and technology sectors.  We are headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, with operations in over 50 countries and branch offices in Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United States and Vietnam. Sinon Corporation is a public company listed on the Taipei Stock Exchange ticker symbol TPE: 1712.


  • Growing space: over 26,000 m² of greenhouse planting area
  • Annual output: more than 1,500,000 seedlings and plants
  • Certification: United States – USDA, Japan – JMAFF, Australia – DAWR (pending)
  • Live products: seedlings, spiked seedlings, bloomed plants, cut flowers
  • Processed products: fertilizer, growing media
  • Container sizes: glass flasks, 5 cm to 12 cm plastic pots
  • Employees: 45 full-time, 23 part-time employees in Taiwan
  • Truck fleet: 4 refrigerated trucks


Sinon Orchids has an active high school outreach program staffed by volunteers year round, making us an important contributor to agricultural  education in Central Taiwan. We believe in nurturing the next generation of orchid growers by working with surrounding high schools on curriculum developments, teaching the latest in farming technology, and arranging field trips to other companies in our supply chain.

In addition to furthering volunteer work, Sinon Orchids employees also provide scholarships, grants and charitable contributions. To date, we have awarded over USD 60,000 in scholarships to local high school students. Find out more …



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